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Youth Factor

Youth Factor's Cutting Edge Technology

The Youth Factor Skin Care System is a remarkable breakthrough in skincare technology. It has been carefully designed by one of America's leading skincare formulators to diminish the visible signs of aging to leave your skin younger looking.

Youth Factor's All Natural Ingredients

Youth Factor contains 5 natural botanical extracts, which leave your skin feeling soft and supple:

Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone

Macrocystis Pyrifera

Ceratonia silaqua

Edelweiss extract (for moisturizing)

Chamomile extract

How Youth Factor Works For You!

The Youth Factor all natural herbal ingredients are formulated to help firm, strengthen and regenerate thinning, sagging skin while increasing circulation and hydration. It also features uniique antioxidants and natural growth factors.

The Youth Factor Botanical extracts and ingredients are then carried into your skin by a cutting-edge, proprietary delivery system. Our special sequenced Amino technology delivers two almost magical Amino Acid sequences. One is for relaxing your facial muscles to prevent frowning and muscle movement, while the other sequenced amino builds the collagen under your skin and plumps it up for a more youthful you.

Youth Factor has not been tested using animals.

Youth Factor Daily Treatment

Youth Factor Daily Treatment:

The Youth Factor Daily Treatment is the ultimate transformation formula designed to restructure and strengthen skin function. The micro emulsion system delivers the active ingredients more effectively during the day to produce natural collagen, elasticity, and healthier skin cells.

Also Contains the light difussing powder to specifically treat and decrease fine lines.

Youth Factor Multi Treatment Cream

Youth Factor Multi Treatment: *No Longer Available*

Youth Factor Multi Treatment is an elegant replenishing cream that soothes dryness and increases circulation, while calming and revitilizing your skin. The all natural botanicals relax your facial muscles, while the plant driven blopeptide tightens your skin.

Designed to smooth, firm and even tone your skin for a younger, healthier looking and feeling skin.

Youth Factor Intensive Treatment

Youth Factor Intensive Treatment

Youth Factor's Intensive Treatment is a fast-acting formula that penetrates deep into the derma layers of your skin to smooth away lines and wrinkles in just 20 minutes without any irritating adhesive!

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