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What is Youth Factor?

• Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone

• Macrocystis Pyrifera

• Ceratonia silaqua

• Edelweiss extract (for moisturizing)

• Chamomile extract

• Increases circulation and hydration.

• Features unique antioxidants & natural growth factors.

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About Youth Factor

Youth Factor

The Youth Factor Skin Care System is a scientifically advanced breakthrough in beauty. With the YOUTH FACTOR Complete System you'll notice your skin looks and feels soft and supple, giving the illusion of flawless-looking skin. The complete system: 1 Daily Hydration Treatment,1 Multi Treatment, and 1 Intensive Treatment Jar with Pads.

Youth Factor helps you look younger in just 4 weeks by giving you a remarkable breakthrough in skin care technology. The Youth Factor system firms, strengthens and regenerates thinning, sagging skin, increases circulation and hydration, and progressively revitalizes skin with a youthful glow. Youth Factor diminishes the visible signs of aging by safely building collagen under your skin while relaxing your facial areas to prevent frowning and deep lines. And best of all, no painful injections!

Youth Factor | How It Works | Contact | Order Youth Factor

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